Reversing Negative Stereotypes

We believe that helping people is helping dogs.

About Us

iPittytheBull is an organization that is dedicated to providing education about responsible pet ownership, the benefits of spay and neuter and improving communication between dog and human. Founded in 2014, the inspiration behind “IPittytheBull” was inspired by a “pit bull” named, Penny Lane, as an effort to reverse negative stereotypes on this “breed” of dog. Just as we believe that a human is a human first before their race; we also believe that a dog is a dog first before their breed. Our mission to “educate, advocate and never discriminate” goes beyond dogs which is why you will not only find us working with rescues and animal shelters but in schools, helping the homeless and other people in need. We believe that helping people is helping dogs.

Meet Our Team

John Flores

Founder / President

Alicia Vargas


Terra Nokes


Macie Mendoza

PR Manager

Emily Vargas


Bianca Ruddy


Conrad Elrod

Director of Social Media