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Growing up, I always had a dog in the house. While I always loved dogs, I never really had time for one. It wasn’t until, September 30th, 2011, when I hit my head and was “gifted” my 6th concussion that I realized I had been making time for all the wrong things in life. I say “gifted” because had I not fallen off that bicycle, Penny Lane would have never come into my life. To say this dog has turned my life around is an understatement.  Without her, I would not be involved with Priceless Pets. Without her, I would have never met a dog named, Elvis. Without Penny and Elvis, I would probably be sitting in a dark room, sulking about my headaches, my dizzy spells and the constant ringing in my ears. Instead, these dogs have helped my find my true passion. And while these symptoms may never go away, these two dogs have shown me how to take things one day a time and to just keep moving forward, even if it’s at a snail’s pace.

john_aboutme_2I always get thanked for taking these dogs in and saving them but anyone involved in animal rescue will tell you that it’s the other way around. My dogs saved me. And because of that, the only way I can pay it forward is to be their voice and help save their brothers and sisters. I am well aware that I will never be able to save them all but I am also well aware that I can be part of the solution.

And while this blog is centered around the bully breeds and their unfair portrayal in the media, it will occasionally include a life lesson that only animals can show you. It will be funny at times and other times it may be sad. Some of the things you read here may even make you mad from time to time but like my mom has always told me, “if it makes you mad, it means you care. And if you care enough, you will do something about it.”

;"My hope in doing this is that maybe you will think twice before breeding your dog or dumping your dog at the pound. Maybe you even end up adopting a pet from Priceless Pets or your local shelter. Maybe Penny and Elvis can change your mind about everything you’ve heard about “pit bulls” or maybe it doesn’t.  Either way, I do care enough and this is one of the ways I’m doing something about it.

I know this section is supposed to be “about me” and not my dogs. But everything “about me” is “about them”.  I hope you enjoy this ride with me, Penny and Elvis.

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