The Pack


  • Inspiration Behind iPittythebull.
  • Has helped with every foster
  • CGC certified


  • John’s right hand dog.
  • The “face” of iPittythebull
  • Everybody’s best friend


  • AKA Wallelujah
  • Crossed over the rainbow bridge February 24, 2016
  • Given a “few days” to live and ended up giving us almost 2 amazing years.

Snack Pak

  • The cranky pig
  • Adopted from the pound after being found as a stray
  • ALWAYS hungry


  • Our “never” dog
  • The sensitive one
  • Was supposed to be an “only dog” and now lives with a 6 other dogs and a pig.


  • Aka “Batshit Betty”
  • Adopted after being dumped at a shelter at 16 years old
  • Crossed over the rainbow bridge January 12, 2017


  • Aka “old as Schmidt”
  • Stray senior dog and adopted into our pack.
  • Definitely has the best hair in all the pack

June Bug

  • Our crazy Thai Princess
  • Escaped the meat trade
  • Brought over to the US thanks to Son Dog Foundation and Marley’s Mutt.


  • All about that “pug life”
  • “Biter not a lover”
  • Crossed over the rainbow bridge January 19 2016


  • The reason Bri is in rescue
  • The “foster mom” for all our foster puppies
  • Our “adopt the cropped” advocate.


  • The “baby” of the pack
  • Has a pet rock named “ Dwayne Johnson”
  • First “puppy” adopted into the pack.