2nd Annual Priceless Pets Pittie Crew Pittie Fest!

2nd Annual Priceless Pets Pittie Crew Pittie Fest!

pittiewalk_bl_mainIf you didn’t know already, October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month, which means we are days away from the 2nd Annual Priceless Pets Pittie Crew Pittie Fest! From the looks of it, this year is going to be much much bigger than last years. If you can make it out I highly suggest you do! While this event is in support of the bully breeds, we encourage all dog owners and lovers to come out! We will have a costume contest for the dogs, games for kids, and we even have Q1047  out there for this one! Additionally, we will have a micro chipping clinic, plenty of vendors and our very own Lara Jenkins will be doing mini photo shoots for $40 (it’s beyond a deal, trust me.) and donating all her proceeds back to the Pittie Crew! We will have all of our “adopt-a-bulls” out for this event looking for their forever homes and we will also have some of our alumni coming back to visit for this event.

While I love all the dogs I’ve come in contact with there is one special dog I cannot wait to see and his name is Kurtis . My foster dog that blazed the trail for every other foster I took in after him will be coming back for the day. The puppy that escaped death twice and the dog that spawned my “Dear Kurtis” letter that became my staple closure letter for all my fosters that get adopted is making the trip from Arizona to California with his AMAZING family. pittiewalk_bl_3While dogs getting mange and getting sick is unfortunately all too common, there was something about Kurtis that was just special. He was special enough that he caught the entire world’s attention and inspired people to adopt and “not shop”. He was Penny and Elvis’ first foster experience together and I don’t know that words can describe how much this dog means to me and the impact he’s had on me, personally, in animal rescue. While it’s only been 6 months since I’ve seen him it feels like an eternity and I know they are plenty of you out there that can’t wait to see him either! The arrival of “Baby K” cannot come soon enough!

It’s amazing to think that the entire Pittie Crew barely got together less than 2 years ago. We started out as mostly strangers and now we’ve become a very tight knit group. Not only do we share the same passion but we also share conversations, meals, drinks and birthdays together. We’ve become a group of friends. In fact, most of the Pittie Crew has become a very important part of my life which is something I never imagined when I started pittiewalk_bl_2volunteering with Priceless Pets. So when you come Saturday and you see someone with a black “Pittie Crew” shirt on, come say hi. If you’re interested in joining the crew, let one of us know. We’d love to have you join our team. No single individual can ever be bigger than a team and we’d love nothing more than to expand our team!

So if you’re not doing anything from 10am-3pm this Saturday, head on down to Veteran’s Park for this FREE event! You don’t have to own a dog or adopt a dog, you just need to have love for dogs and you’ll feel right at home! See you this Saturday!

If you would like to book your photo shoot with Lara in advance you can email her at lara@larajenkinsphoto.com!