Snack Pak

Sep 2015
Reasons You Should Think Twice Before Adding a Pig to Your Pack

Last year, Snack Pak was featured in an article named, “10 Reasons Your Pup Wants You to Add a Pig to Your Pack”. While it was pleasant surprises to see him in there, it also made me think about how much work, Snack Pak really is. So today, I’m going to give you a few reasons why you should think twice before adding that cute little piggy to your pack. They Probably Won’t Be That Cute “Little” Piggy For Long: Did you know pigs can get pregnant as early as 8 weeks......

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May 2015
Not Everyone is Born a Leader... I'm Scared of Spiders!

I’m terrified of spiders. In fact, when I see one I either run away or I smash it. Not because I hate the spider but because I’m scared. Other people who aren’t afraid of spiders either laugh at me or think something is wrong with me but nobody labels me “aggressive” or a threat to society. You see, me running away or killing the spider is the outcome. It’s not the problem. The same theory goes for dogs. Aggression does not equal “mean”, “dangerous” or the word I hear all the time......

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Jan 2015
The Game Changer

As most of you may or may not know I spent the last part of 2014 looking for a piglet to adopt. I thought I had found the perfect pig. We had already named her Eleanor, Eleanor Rigby, to be exact. Her mom had been rescued from a slaughterhouse. 2 days after taking in this pig, she gave birth to 5 piglets. We went to go meet her and we thought she was perfect. All we had to do was wait for her to get spayed and she was coming home with......

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